Diesse CUBE 30 Touch

Diesse CUBE 30 Touch from Streck, Inc.

7002 South 109th Street Omaha, NE 68128

Company Profile
An automated instrument for high-volume erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing in EDTA tubes.
• 94% Correlation to Modified Westergren Method
• Analysis directly from EDTA tubes with 13x75 mm (1.5 mL-4.0 mL) K2EDTA tubes
• No sample consumed
• Results in 20 minutes
• Internal barcode scanner and printer
• Automated patient and QC data archive
• Easily interfaces to LIS
• No reagents; no exposure to patient sample

Large Capacity
The Internal mixing function automatically prepares up to 30 samples per batch with random access capability to add samples as space allows.

Quality Control Feature
The quality control feature eliminates the need to manually record daily runs. Statistical reports are generated with the following features: Levey-Jennings charts, standard deviation, CV%, mean, highest and lowest result.

Associated Product
ESR-Chex Plus is a positive procedure control for automated methods that use EDTA tubes. ESR-Chex Plus is manufactured at two levels, normal and abnormal, and contains barcodes for automatic QC file archive. Controlling the sedimentation rate procedure with ESR-Chex Plus allows the clinical laboratory to meet internal quality control standards and regulatory compliance.

ESR-Chex Plus Stability
• Closed-vial stability for 365 days
• Open-vial stability for 7 days

Streck is the exclusive distributor of the CUBE 30 Touch in the U.S. and Canada. Please visit for distribution information in other countries.



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