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Protein Stabilizers, Blockers and Diluents:
Surmodics protein stabilizers preserve antigens and antibodies in their native state – whether dried or in solution. Our blockers reduce non-specific binding while enhancing sensitivity and minimizing cross-reactivity. Surmodics’ StabilZyme® conjugate stabilizers and StabilBlock®, StabilCoat® and StabilGuard® dried protein stabilizers are renowned for their performance and ease of incorporation. Surmodics sample/assay diluents help to significantly reduce matrix interference and false positives while maintaining the intended assay signal.

BioFX® Colorimetric and Chemiluminescent Substrates:
The signal generation step of immunoassay systems is critical to obtaining an accurate measurement of the target protein. Surmodics’ portfolio of BioFX® colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates offers the stability, low background and sensitivity needed to meet the demands of assay manufacturers. A range of substrate sensitivities are available for ELISA, Western Blot, ELISpot and immunohistochemistry applications.

Autoimmune Disease, Infectious Disease and Allergen Antigens:
Surmodics is the exclusive distributor of DIARECT™ AGs quality products in North America. DIARECT recombinant and native antigens have a proven track record for quality and sensitivity in ELISA, Western Blot, bead-based applications and microarrays. A track record of innovation within the autoimmune, infectious disease and allergen product lines is supported by large-scale production capabilities necessary for quality immunoassay development. A deep product portfolio, lot-to-lot consistency and large batch sizes provide in vitro diagnostic manufactures faster time to market.

Stop Reagents and Support Reagent Products:
BioFX stop reagents for colorimetric substrates are available for dry blends or in liquid formulations. Surmodics also offers several options for the dilution and blocking of antigens and antibodies. Proprietary solutions are available in multiple buffer configurations. These formulations offer scientists more flexibility for assay development.

Molecular Diagnostics/Microarray Slides:
Surmodics TRIDIA™ surface coatings optimize DNA, RNA, protein, and cell attachment for molecular diagnostic and immunoassay applications, reducing non-specific background and improving sensitivity. These versatile coatings bind molecules to a variety of surfaces and geometries and may be customized for selectivity using passivating polymers and reactive groups.