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DWK Life Sciences, formally Duran Inc., Wheaton Industries, and Kimble Chase companies, is your trusted source of supply for standard and custom packaging and production products. Our diverse glass and plastic portfolio addresses a broad spectrum of applications from research through production and final packaging. DWK offers standard and custom solutions designed to your unique specifications and use-case scenario. DWK products are recognized worldwide for superior quality, innovation, and value. Click here to download our Corporate Capabilities Brochure

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Designed Around You

CompletePAK : Configurable specialty application kits meeting USP standards for use and are designed to improve productivity, ensures coordinated stock availability, and simplify your purchase and use experience. You can choose to build your own kits or have one of our experts quote your specific project.

IVD Packaging Solutions : Designed to your use-case for ease of purchase and coordinated inventory management; Leak Resistant Plastic Bottles, Polypropylene Well Plates, Storage Vials, High Recovery Vials, Diagnostic Vial Assemblies, and Plastic Dropper Bottle.

DuranPure : A complete, validation-ready leak-proof reagent bottles and closures scalable from pilot to production volumes, with the added durability to go from hot "sterile" fills to cold storage.

Premium Services : Custom Packaging, bar coding, Depyrogenation, Sterilization, Surface Treatment, and Taring are a few of our optional solutions designed to optimize your resource utilization and productivity while reducing cost, lab space, and time.

Easy to Experience

One-stop-shop DWK can help you consolidate supply chain effort and reduce administrative work through our comprehensive line of standard and custom packaging solutions designed specifically for the clinical and diagnostic markets.

Consultative Approach DWK representatives will work with you to translate your unique use-case scenario into the ideal packaging solution to meet and exceed your value targets; performance, safety, life-cycle, and more.

Quality Culture DWK is a trusted source of packaging solutions proven to meet the quality standards (compendial, dimensional, cleanliness) expected by our Customers.


Particulate Cleaning : Primary packaging components and labware prepared in Class 100k/10k environments and tested using USP/WRI purified water to meet USP788 standards.

Bar Coding Services : Ceramic Identifiers, Direct Mark, Pressure Sensitive Labels increase productivity by eliminating time spent bar coding.

Taring: Increase productivity by eliminating time spent weighing.

MicroLiter Autosampler Vials : the industry’s most versatile analytic autosampler vials allow you to improve productivity through a more reliable transfer of samples from prep lab to autosampler.

High Recovery Vials : Optimized for high recovery of biologicals, diagnostic reagents, chemical compounds, the V vial allows more consistent sample recovery from vial to vial and reduces the possibility of autosampler needle damage.
DWK Life Sciences is a trusted source for precision labware and packaging solutions. Through our global design and manufacturing centers, we provide the world’s laboratories with a comprehensive range of plasticware, glassware, closures, and specialty services specifically designed and certified for scientific research, analytical, storage, and commercialization applications.

DWK is a definitive, consultative authority of certified plastic and glass Packaging Systems designed to your unique use-case specifications, our quality commitment, history of ensuring content integrity and end-user safety and delivered value.