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Tekra stands today as a leading worldwide supplier of top-quality plastic films and adhesives, and a manufacturer of proprietary and custom coated plastic substrates.

Tekra's customers come from a multitude of industries with diverse applications. They manufacture nameplates and labels, automotive clusters, membrane touch switches, medical diagnostic test strips, point-of-purchase signs, telecommunications equipment, and a host of other consumer, commercial and industrial products.

But all Tekra customers share one characteristic. They're always looking for a better way. Searching for a value-added solution that drives out cost while increasing flexibility. Striving for improvements that elevate their products above the competition.

That may mean replacing metal or paper with plastic, or existing plastics with higher-performance varieties. Tekra offers plastic films and adhesives that provide resistance to abrasion, chemicals, temperature or UV; provide optical clarity or brilliant colors; have smooth or textured surfaces; exhibit proper adhesion to inks and other plastics; process well when embossing, forming, die cutting; have dynamic, shear or peel strength; and possess dimensional stability.

In short, Tekra is ideally positioned to serve as a one-stop shop for the best in plastic films and adhesives.