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CST Technologies Incorporated was founded in 1986 by Dr. Anand Akerkar who invented SeraSubTM Synthetic Serum and UriSubTM Synthetic Urine for the primary purpose of providing an alternative to human serum albumin, bovine serum albumin, serum and urine for in vitro diagnostics. Internationally recognized as a scientific and business leader of the diagnostics industry, Dr. Akerkar led CST Technologies to become the global supplier of SeraSubTM Synthetic Serum and UriSubTM Synthetic Urine. SeraSub and UriSub are stable, consistent, uncontaminated, and cost-effective alternatives to human serum albumin, bovine serum albumin, serum and urine. SeraSub and UriSub have been used by hundreds of customers for immunoassay controls, in vitro diagnostics, medical device development and product testing. Unlike human- and animal-based serums and urine, SeraSub andUriSub are stable at room temperature, are free of microbiologic contaminants and have unmatched lot-to-lot consistency.

Remarkably, SeraSub and UriSub also have the ability to preserve many types of analytes including:

Enzymes (including the very sensitive HRP and CK-MB)
Proteins (such as TSH, LH, FSH and HCG)
Drugs-of-abuse analytes

When spiking one of these sensitive analytes into either SeraSub or UriSub, research shows they become stable at ambient temperature for one year typically and in some cases longer. SeraSub and UriSub thereby eliminate the need for lyophilization (freeze-drying), reducing costs and any chance of error during reconstitution.

CST products are the answer to dealing with a variety of other potential problems posed by human serum or plasma-based products: AIDS, hepatitis, other microbiological contamination and sample degradation from refrigeration failures.

CST manufactures its product line using a certified GMP process in a cGMP facility. Over decades of production, we have demonstrated that there is virtually no detectable lot-to-lot variation in SeraSub and UriSub. The stability at room temperature is guaranteed for 2 years.

CST Technologies is confident that if you evaluate SeraSub and UriSub for your applications, you will soon join our satisfied customers who have dropped the use of human- and animal-derived serum and urine for the purity, stability, consistency, and cost-effectiveness of SeraSub and UriSub.

Call CST at 1-516-482-9001 or visit our website at