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Equitech-Bio has been a biological manufacturer and OEM supplier of high quality serum and reagents for over 25 years. We are an eager, dynamic and growing company utilizing state of the art technology while offering an extremely competitive price. As a pioneer in serum processing and fractionation methodology, we remain on the leading edge of performance, accountability and economy. Equitech-Bio maintains total control and traceability from the animal to the final product, and manufactures according to cGMPs. We use a completely closed system of production on our bovine serum albumin production.

We collect, process and manufacture human plasma, animal plasma and sera, IgG, albumins, as well as custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. We also collect human samples, disease state sera, placentas, umbilical cord blood, plasma and serum.

We are a service disabled veteran owned company; our CAGE code is 1SND4.

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