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Protein Stabilizers / Blockers
Surmodics stabilizers / blockers preserve the conformation and activity of proteins, such as antigens and antibodies, in their native folded state when dried or lyophilized to surfaces, or when in solution. This ensures the worry-free development and manufacturing of products that utilize antigens and/or antibodies as key components. BSA-free formulations are available in all categories. In addition to increased stability, Surmodics protein stabilizers can be used as blocking buffers and assay diluents to increase sensitivity by decreasing the background noise caused by nonspecific binding of antibodies and other biomolecules.

BioFX® Colorimetric and Chemiluminescent Substrates
Enzymatic conversion of substrates to produce a visible signal is the most commonly used detection method for many immunological assays, including ELISA, immunoblotting, and immunohistochemistry. Surmodics BioFX colorimetric substrates are available in both bulk and custom dispenses. Chemiluminescence provides greater sensitivity than any other available detection method for both membrane and microwell applications. BioFX chemiluminescent substrates are characterized by varying lengths of light emission and intensity, allowing you to choose the sensitivity level best suited to your particular assay requirements.

Autoimmune Antigens
Surmodics is the exclusive distributor of DIARECT AGs human recombinant and native autoimmune antigens in North America. DIARECT antigens have a proven reputation for quality and sensitivity in ELISA and blotting applications. Utilizing three different protein expression systems, DIARECT has the experience and know-how to allow straightforward comparison for the production of difficult proteins. No other company offers as many recombinant autoimmune antigens. You can also expect the same high quality in their antigens derived from native sources.

BioFX® Secondary Antibodies
Secondary antibody conjugates are ideal for ELISA, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, and other assay where optimized secondary antibody conjugates are required for best results. Surmodics offers a complete line of secondary antibodies, including: mouse, human, rat, hamster, rabbit, goat, sheep, donkey, chicken, swine, and Streptavidin.

Stop Reagents, Diluents, and Buffers
Proprietary stop reagents for colorimetric substrates are available as dry blends or in liquid formulations. Surmodics offers several options for the dilution and blocking of antigens and antibodies. Proprietary non-fat dry milk, casein, and fish gelatin solutions are available in multiple buffer configurations. These formulations offer scientists more flexibility for assay development.

Microarray Slides
Surmodics offers a variety of products for customized DNA, RNA, and protein microarray development. CodeLink® and CodeLink® HD (high-density) activated microarray slides and TRIDIA® EP (epoxy) microarray slides offer the precision, reproducibility, and sensitivity required for successful microarray applications.