Monobind, Inc.

100 North Pointe Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630


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Monobind Inc. is a standout in diagnostic development and innovation. Founded in 1978, the California-based company ranks as one of the industry's largest IVD producers and influencer in two market segments: immunoassays and biomaterials. Key offerings:- 100+ immunoassays in AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA formats- Integrated equipment from strip and plate-readers to fully automated analyzers- Processed biomaterials including, human serum, albumin, gamma globulin and urine - Purified antigens and antibodies- Development tools including, stabilizer and coated plates- Quality control materials Monobinds robust offering stems from its commitment to manufacture all essential reagents in-house. Exact IVD standards are achieved with expertise and proprietary techniques giving end-users accurate and consistent results. Strategic supply agreements with blood-fractionators and banks support large-scale production as do Monobinds investment in state-of-the-art equipment and automation.The company sets standards of excellence in its FDA licensed, GMP complainant and ISO 13485 & 9001 registered facility, and reaches 90+ countries with CE marked assays, diagnostic tools and biomaterials. Monobind promotes the success and expansion of its distribution network and vital partners. For more information, please visit