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Cloud-based solutions for your laboratory. Deliver customized compliance courses and continuing education to your employees. Manage your laboratory's policies and procedures with our easy-to-use, hosted Document Control system.
AB SCIEX solutions enable clinical researchers and forensic toxicologists to push the limits of applications, including trace levels quantitation of steroids, vitamin D, immunosuppressants or drugs of abuse, by harnessing the power of LC/MS/MS.
NIST Standard Reference Materials NIST Standard Reference Materials
Visit us September 7-10, 2014 at the AOAC Clinical Lab Expo, Booth #308 at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, FL. NIST produces over 1200 certified reference materials for chemical composition and physical properties. Hope to see you there!
SurModics IVD SurModics IVD
SurModics provides the critical protein stabilizers/blockers, colorimetric/chemiluminescent substrates, and additional in vitro diagnostic components for you to develop sensitive, reproducible, and robust assays and systems that are truly exceptional.
Fully Automated Open Systems:  ELISA - IFA - BLOT Processors
APE IF ELITE Is the latest version of combined ELISA ...
Carolina Liquid Chemistries
Carolina Liquid Chemistries’ CLC 720 is a discrete, random access, fully automated stand-alone blood chemistry ...
Catalog Numbers: Anti-SLA/LP ELISA- EA 1302_9601G Anti-LKM-1 ELISA- EA 1321_9601G Anti-SLA/LP ELISA: The determination of ...
HORIBA Medical unleashes a really big DIFF ! - Pentra DX Nexus
The newest of our 5-DIFF Hematology product portfolio, <b>Pentra DX Nexus</b>, delivers a throughput up ...
G-129-C - Anti-cTNI, Peptide 3, an antigen affinity purified polyclonal antibody, is now available from ...
Measure Wider Theoretical Ranges For Single Analytes With Fewer Sample Dilutions
Quansys Singleplex ELISAs provide a significantly expanded quantifiable range compared to most single analyte assays. ...
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