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UTAK, a leading diagnostics manufacturer solely focused on quality controls, announces the release of "Spice” QC supporting quality control needs for Laboratorians.
The Lee Company has been solving complex fluid control problems in all kinds of industries for over 60 years. Our extensive family of precision fluid control products offers unsurpassed reliability in just about every configuration you could imagine.
SurModics IVD SurModics IVD
SurModics provides the critical protein stabilizers/blockers, colorimetric/chemiluminescent substrates, and additional in vitro diagnostic components for you to develop sensitive, reproducible, and robust assays and systems that are truly exceptional.
mdi Consultants, Inc. mdi Consultants, Inc.
mdi has been providing FDA regulatory and QSR consulting services in the IVD industry since 1978. Services include clinical trials, 510(k), QSR/cGMP compliance, mock FDA audits (483), warning letter response, and training on FDA compliance.
Steel Tables
All-stainless-steel construction makes this table a superior solid-top cleanroom stainless steel table. Series 62 stainless ...
Measure Wider Theoretical Ranges For Single Analytes With Fewer Sample Dilutions
Quansys Singleplex ELISAs provide a significantly expanded quantifiable range compared to most single analyte assays. ...
EUROPattern is a high-performance automation solution designed by EUROIMMUN for the evaluation of immunofluorescence in ...
Reduce Turnaround Time
Lab Portal Company has developed and licenses to users its Software as a Service platform, ...
Q-View Software
Q-View™ Software is a powerful tool for quantitative analysis of Q-Plex™ Arrays and other chemiluminescent ...
Forma* Incubated and Refrigerated Console Shakers
Thermo Scientific* Forma Incubated and Refrigerated Console Shakers are ideal for large 4L and 6L ...
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